Transponder keys are becoming more commonly used by a variety of automobile manufacturers in their newer model year vehicles because they provide an added level of security for your vehicle. The keys themselves may not appear much different than a standard all-in-one key fob, however the technology inside makes them far superior to standard automobile keys.

Replacing a transponder key for your vehicle is not as simple as getting a new key cut to match your ignition. This process must be performed by a trained professional in order to ensure the key will function properly and start your vehicle. Rod Queen is thoroughly trained to perform programming of transponder keys for any make or model vehicle, and we guarantee our work to be of the highest level.

Transponder keys are specially designed to provide a higher level of security by placing a signal emitting circuit inside the key. This circuit is activated when it receives a signal from the computer in your vehicle, which is known as the ECU, or electronic control unit. Communication between these two components is required to start the vehicle, and will result in failure to start if they are improperly configured/programmed. This technology greatly increases the security of your vehicle's ignition, as it cannot be started by any other means.



Secure Lock Services is expert in managing household security systems. We provide services such as duplicating keys, replacing locks and repairing locks. If there is break-in in your house, you are likely to only think of calling the police and insurance company however, you should not forget to call us to replace the security system and locks for security reasons. Some of the services provided by us are: Duplicating keys- We are experts in duplicating keys. Secure Lock services residential locksmiths are security experts, and can perform an evaluation of your current security levels and make any needed upgrade based on a professional evaluation. When you are sure you want better locksmith hardware, we will install it for you, and ensure it is the best quality and at a level of security that exceeds your home needs.

Our service and reputation is for fast work and at an affordable price Automotive emergencies don’t just happen between business hours – that’s why our locksmiths are on standby to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .



Our commercial locksmith service features the most up to date locksmith’s tools and equipment for all your commercial locksmith needs. We are continually adding the latest locksmith and security system services to our constantly growing list of services. Whatever your business security needs is give us a call so we can visit your site, and assess your needs by the highly professional locksmith that you need.

We have extensive knowledge in industrial, commercial and small business security solutions range from basic lock change, re-key commercial locks, electronic locks, high security locks to keyless remote entry, and buzzer systems.

24 hour Emergency Lockout Service


Our mission is to be the best emergency locksmith service for residential, commercial and automobile needs.

If you are locked out of your home, business or vehicle we will not let it hold up your day; simply call the the phone number listed in the header of this page, or refer to our "Contact Us" page and will try to arrive in a timely fashion to solve your lockout problem!

Secure Lock Services believes in a no hassle service, that's why we offer fast and affordable 24 hour lockout service. For your protection we are guaranteed security experts and are in compliance with all city and state laws.

Secure Lock Services is expert in all lockouts, auto lockouts, house lockouts, pad lock removal and, re-keying homes and businesses.

Commercial Doors, Frame And Closures


Secure Lock Services is veteran owned and operated. We provide the best in Commercial Doors & Frames, Door Closures as well as Handicap Access Hardware/ Exit Hardware. Our Doors and closures feature our dedicated Keys duplicated & keys by code We install all types of commercial locks on out commercial doors and closures. We offer Card access, Simplex Unican, and Magnetic locking devices as well as High Security locks

Safe Maintenance, Repair and Opening


Owner Rod Queen offers safe opening, repair and installation services at your property or place of business. Rod is a highly trained professional and will open your safe in a timely and confidential manner. Secure Lock Services will ensure that your safe opens without compromising any of the contents. If you have an emergency safe opening situation where you lost the combination we can open your safe.

We'll Make Sure Your Safe is in Good Repair

Secure Lock services offers expert safe repair services and safe maintenance for all makes and models of safes. In collaboration with the customer we can suggest the repairs or upgrades that will keep your safe working for years to come.

Vault Maintenance, Repair and Opening


Secure Lock Services provides various vault repair services for our clients. Owner Rod Queen can open your vault if you wish.

We provide 24/7 emergency access vault services if you need immediate access to the contents of your vault. Any day, anytime, and regardless of the emergency, we will open, repair, relocate, or crack vault quickly and without damaging it or its contents.

You should look no further than Secure Lock Services for all of your vault needs. Repair, lock picking, maintenance, and opening or comb dial needs are just a few of our services. We offer the most reliable, hassle free, quick, efficient, cost effective, and environmentally safe vault services on the market.

All of our parts and labor include warranties and our entire vault installation and repair process is insured, licensed and bonded. We pick the best and lock out the rest when it comes to vault installations and repairs.

NFSB Fire Hardware Install and Repair


As most people know, safety and property protection are critical these days. That's why Secure Lock Services offers repair as well as installation of fire-rated doors and frames to our clients. Rod Queen is trained to properly fix and add fire doors so that people in your building can exit safely while limiting the spread of smoke and fire.

We offer various fire doors with labels ranging from 20 minutes up to three hours. Steel fire doors are rated by the amount of time that the door can withstand exposure to fire while being tested. We are able to provide you with the correct fire doors at the required ratings needed. We're proud to carry fire doors rated up to three hours for the best protection possible of your building and employees.